Sandusky Burning

Sandusky Burning

A criminal enterprise operates beneath the surface of the vibrant summer resort town of Sandusky, Ohio. Thousands migrate there to enjoy the amusement parks and beaches, but some are also there to indulge in their sinful vices. Aspiring crime lord Randy Gorey is more than happy to give these tourists what they are looking for.

Army veteran Brady Sullivan is living alone at a Sandusky campground for the summer, as marital difficulties have forced a separation from his family. He finds himself the target of Gorey’s criminal syndicate and locked in a desperate struggle to avoid being drawn into this dark world. With the help of an unexpected ally, Brady seeks to turn the tables and reclaim his life.

  • Sandusky Burning - eBook

    A Midwestern campground on the Lake Erie shore becomes a battlefield when a criminal syndicate targets an estranged father camping solo for the summer.

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