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The Conclusion of a Season

The season at our campground is sadly over! We spent our final nights there over Halloween weekend, getting in a little trick-or-treating and a final campfire. We returned without the kids to officially close it down, pumping anti-freeze throughout the plumbing, removing valuables, and giving it a good cleaning. The camper will lie dormant through the winter months until we return again in late April and reopen it.

The camping season in Ohio passes quickly, starting off with chilly spring weather, peaking with the blisteringly hot days of mid-August, and then yielding to the frigidity of the fall. The visits are packed with thrill rides at the amusement park, splashing in the pool, and swimming in the shallow water off of the beaches of Lake Erie. Nighttime features campfires with stiff drinks and s’mores. At the beginning of the season, it feels like campground life is almost timeless, as though October will never arrive and bring it to a crashing halt.

Sandusky Burning will drop you into that warm, relaxing atmosphere of fun and escape, but instead of immersing you in the diversion of a summer retreat, it will turn you on your ear. It combines the lazy back and forth of a swaying hammock with the escalated heart rate of a runaway roller coaster about to go off the rails. Smoldering campfires and blazing suspense. Preorder your eBook copy now (releasing on December 11th, 2020)!

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