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Sandusky Burning - Brady Sullivan's Peril (*Spoilers!)

If you think your life is going badly, put yourself in Brady Sullivan’s shoes. He had a falling out with his wife and relocated to his RV at a campground sixty miles away. He is working remotely out of his RV every day. He misses his kids. He is drinking heavily. He is beginning to observe some weird happenings with his fellow campers.

Against his better judgment, Brady finds himself having dinner and drinks at a local bowling alley at the invitation of the alley’s shady owner. Lonely and bored, he drinks a few too many. Then he suffers a blackout.

After that, it is one thing after another. Blackmail pictures are delivered for his behavior during the blackout. He is compelled to run a strange errand that results in more blackmail pictures. They are demanding that he use his government accesses to commit treason. When Brady doesn’t play along, there is an attack on his family.

Mike is camping a street over from Brady. He is a retired soldier who has suffered his share of loss, drifting from campground to campground with the seasons. He shelves his policy of “mind your own business” when he becomes aware of Brady’s predicament. Mike has spent his career acquiring lethal military skills, and although he has been out of the Army for a number of years, some things you never forget.

The time has come for Brady to go on the offensive. He has a narrow window to strike back at his oppressors and reclaim his life. With the help of Mike on a dark rainy night at the gloomy campground, the two go about settling the score.

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