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Sandusky Burning - on sale Friday, December 11th!

This fictional tale of suspense takes place on a campground along the shore of Lake Erie in central Ohio. I was inspired to write it while camping alone in my RV in that area several years ago. Our air conditioner needed to be repaired, so I drove the sixty miles from the suburbs of Cleveland and worked from the camper while awaiting the repairman.

I had rarely spent a moment alone there, and I looked at my surroundings from a different perspective. The transient, wide-open nature of campgrounds could also provide a fertile environment for shady activities! I envisioned an underworld that preyed on resort town tourism, and let my imagination run wild from there.

Sandusky Burning is written from first person points of view from several intriguing characters over the course of eight frantic summer days in 2015. The ebook is available on preorder through December 10th, with both the ebook and paperback for sale online on Friday!

Sandusky Burning

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