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Sandusky Burning is coming soon...

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Hello, and welcome to my author blog! As I put the finishing touches on my first novel, “Sandusky Burning”, I wanted to share some of my background, thoughts, and the inspiration for the story.

Sandusky Burning was conceived through spending several seasons actually camping in an RV at a Sandusky campground. The dynamic I describe in the book is nonfiction; there is a diversity in the races and socioeconomics at American campgrounds that is like no other. You can show up in a $100k motor home or in a sedan with a $30 tent in the trunk. Both extremes are welcome, as well as everything in between.

It also occurred to me that this environment was perfect for accommodating criminal activity. Security is lax. People come and go. People are looking for an escape. For some, a few beers around a campfire on a warm summer night are enough. For others, they may want something more.

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