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October 2021 Newsletter: "If you’re crippled or dead, you’re of no use to me..."

“My name is Randy Gorey. Pardon me while I take over Conway's newsletter this month.

I'm a self-made businessman. I own a few businesses in Sandusky, including a popular bowling alley. But I've been known to dabble in some…unconventional business ventures. Stuff that operates below the surface. Some tourists enjoy entertainment that's frowned upon by local law enforcement, and I offer services to cater to these types of clients. This side work is extremely profitable.

Sometimes my business practices tend to cause disagreements. Let’s be honest; some of my clients aren’t exactly upstanding citizens. I've earned a bad reputation among people who have crossed me, but just because you made my “naughty” list doesn’t mean I want to hurt you…at least not seriously.

If you’re crippled or dead, you’re of no use to me. That’s not the way I like to do business.

I would rather send you a message of a lesser magnitude. Maybe have Sam give you some wall-to-wall counseling, break your nose, crack a rib or two.

Ever had cracked ribs? It is the gift that keeps on giving; every time you breathe for the next few weeks, that sharp pain will help you remember what you did wrong…and seriously consider not doin’ it again.

Sandusky is MY town. I'm the unelected mayor. It belongs to me. All of it. The amusement parks, the campgrounds, the islands, the beaches. Someday maybe I will scale up to bigger ponds like Toledo or Cleveland, but right now I’m a big fish in a small pond, and that suits me.

I’m having this conversation with you because you have skills I’m interested in. I ran your background and took a closer look at you. Think of me as one of those corporate headhunters; an unorthodox one. I figure out what you can do for me and then I figure out how to get you to do it.

You see, I have some photos of you that you definitely don't want shown to your family. You didn't even know there was a camera in there that night!

So your life is gonna change to a certain degree this summer in Sandusky. Don’t do anything different, keep doing what you normally do. Don’t miss work at your day job and don’t leave town.

Be ready when one of my men drops by. That is when your gonna do what we tell you to. You play ball and everything will work out fine. You might even grow to like some of my…side jobs that I have you do.

And don’t get any ideas about gettin’ out of this. You’re in it now.

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