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November 2022 Newsletter: This is NOT the actual cover design!

Hello Readers, You are probably asking yourself “what is that bizarre image above?” No, not the gray circle with the profile of my bald head; the square blue and yellow one that appears to be melting. This is a fake expressionism-inspired cover for the Sandusky Burning sequel; I received the actual cover image a few days ago and am thrilled with it! It aligns well with the cover of Sandusky Burning, which together comprise the Sandusky Darkness two-book series. However, I am not quite ready to release the real cover or the name of the new novel, so I had my elementary school-aged son reproduce the cover with crayons. Actually, I just used a filter that obscures the images and title just enough to keep it a mystery... Meanwhile, I am continuing to fine-tune the sequel, so I’m keeping the newsletter short this month. It is rumored that reading a sequel in advance of the original is confusing and unfulfilling! With that in mind, I am offering a limited number of free digital copies of Sandusky Burning through Booksprout, in exchange for a book review (see the link below)!

Take care, Bryan W. Conway

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