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July 2022 Newsletter: Summer arrives in Ohio and the sequel to Sandusky Burning is coming! ๐ŸŒ…

Hello Readers,

I hope your summer (or whatever season it is for my international readers) is going great!

My family has been able to break away and spend some weekends at our RV in Sandusky, between traveling for the kidsโ€™ sports tournaments. The tourist season in Sandusky is in full effect in July, with thousands of visitors streaming in from all over the country to enjoy the amusement park and Lake Erie.

Along with the fun times at the campground, it is always great to immerse myself into the setting of my books, so I can keep my head in that world as I draft the sequel to Sandusky Burning. The first draft is nearly finished; I just need to put those last 10,000 โ€“ 15,000 words down on paper! Piece of cake...

Book Two (my working name for it, not the official title) is shorter and faster-paced than the original. I revealed most of the character backgrounds in the first book, so the table is already set. The story picks up immediately after the devastation at the campground that occurred that summer night in June 2015. Brady Sullivan is neck-deep in the fallout, having to deal with the consequences of a plan that may not have gone as well as he initially imagined. Okay, that is my only flirtation with spoilers!

After spending the past year writing Book Two, I decided that it will likely be the final novel in this series. It is tempting to continue writing within my comfort zone, but I have so many other story ideas I want to develop that I feel compelled to branch out into new directions (and maybe even new genres).

Have a great July and I will chat with you again in August!

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