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January 2023 Newsletter! Sandusky Reckoning is Coming! 🎇🔥🧨

Hello Readers, It is time for the big reveal: the title of Book 2 in the Sandusky Darkness series is Sandusky Reckoning!

Reckoning /ˈrek(ə)niNG/ - retribution for one's actions.

It is a time of reckoning for Brady Sullivan. In trying to minimize spoilers for those who haven’t read Sandusky Burning, I will just say that Brady set a number of deadly forces in motion in an attempt to protect himself and his family from a dangerous crime lord. Sandusky Reckoning picks up a few hours after those events, when the consequences of his impulsive decisions begin to manifest. The Sandusky Reckoning eBook is available to pre-order through March 17th (see below). I felt that St. Patrick's Day was an ideal day to launch a book about an Irish American whose drinking gets him in a fair amount of trouble! Relax, the author is also an Irish American whose drinking may have landed him in a fair amount of trouble over the years, I'm allowed! The pre-order price for the Kindle eBook is $2.99 (save $1 USD). Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow pre-orders for paperback and hardcover versions. However, I am marking them down 20% throughout the month of March! As a teaser, the opening chapter, Data 1, can be found at the newsletter link above, (along with some extras). It contains **spoilers** for those of you who have still not read Sandusky Burning. Take care, Bryan

Launches March 17 Click the Book above to Pre-order Today!

His friend is on life support. He’s about to be next. As an RV campground becomes a war zone, will he be the next victim in a body bag?

Brady Sullivan won’t go down without a fight. Hours after retaliating against the savage gang that attacked him and his family, he struggles to stay one step ahead of a corrupt sheriff pushing for his arrest. But he’s forced to flee to another hideout when a vicious crime lord paints a target on his back…

Going dark in a motel room, Brady vows to balance the scales as cruelly staged photos surface endangering his floundering marriage and career. But with competing factions intent on setting him up for the fall, he fears any attempt to engage could end up dead on arrival.

Can he win a brutal power struggle before he takes a fatal bullet?

Sandusky Reckoning is the nail-biting second book in the Sandusky Darkness crime thriller series. If you like characters under siege, shocking twists and turns, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Bryan W. Conway’s riveting tale.

Buy Sandusky Reckoning today to refuse to surrender!

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