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Happy New Year!

The novel has been out for almost a month and it has been exciting to witness the reaction! Reviews are being posted on Amazon and they have been very positive, 4.7 out of 5 stars.

My social media network has been phenomenal, with more paperback copies moving then I had anticipated. I have noticed an unexpected appeal of Sandusky Burning to Baby Boomers, which tend to favor the hard copy over the digital. I am considering making a smaller size paperback available.

I also recently recorded the reading of a chapter, which will be released on a podcast on April 1st (I’m sure the April Fool’s Day slot was purely coincidental)! Stand by for more details and a link to the podcast.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t purchased a copy, what are you waiting for? It is only $1.99 for the eBook version. Check it out and leave me a review!

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