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Goodbye summer...

I am writing this blog from my camper in Sandusky! Summer is waning, the leaves are threatening to fall, and there is a slight chill in the air in Northern Ohio. It is growing dark a little earlier. In a few months, we will be closing the camper down for the season, where it will lie dormant until spring.

Covid-19 has really made us appreciate having a safe place to get away. After being quarantined at our residence for months, we were allowed to open our camper in June (usually it is April). Almost every aspect of camping is Covid friendly, with most activities occurring outdoors. Unfortunately, some of the things that the kids enjoyed, like the onsite “Creation Station” where they could do crafts and watch movies on weekends, were not available.

Their favorite amusement park, Cedar Point, also opened late, and with restrictions. Mandatory masks at all times as well as the limited number of guests made the experience significantly different. As a result, the campground was much emptier, maybe at half the capacity it normally enjoyed. This was great for the campers who did visit, but probably not so great for campground profitability. Hopefully next year all of the visitors will return and tourism will thrive again in the great city of Sandusky!

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