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February 2022 Newsletter: I shoveled my way out of January! ❄️🥶

Welcome to February!

Rumor has it that many consider January the “Monday” of the calendar, so putting it behind us is probably a positive. January 19th was “New Year’s Resolution Abandonment Day”; I’m hoping that any resolutions you made for 2022 are still at play!

I’m sure the negative perception of January originated in Canada or the American Midwest and Northeast, where the weather is especially harsh and unforgiving. January was thirty-one relentless days of cold temperatures and snowy weather. My snowblower refused to start following the first snowfall, so I went old school with the shovel; it was a great way to get the ol’ heart rate up, while at the same time punishing my back and shoulders and numbing my fingers and toes.

In non-weather-related news, the sequel to my first novel, Sandusky Burning, is coming along! I finally passed the 50,000-word threshold. My progress stalled during the holiday season; there was just too much distraction with the overeating, overdrinking, and over-socializing to stay on course. The bucket of cold water that was January refocused me and the words are aggregating into something loosely resembling a novel!

See you in March!

Random PS:

As a parent with kids playing multiple sports throughout the year, I spend a lot of time in my vehicle impersonating an (unpaid) taxi driver. I usually listen to podcasts and audiobooks while driving solo in the car, but since my kids are a little older, we have recently been listening to books together! It has been a fun experience, especially the book-related discussions following the drive. Juggling three different audiobooks (each of theirs and mine) gets a little tricky at times, but hopefully listening to compelling audiobooks will replace watching videos and playing video games as an entertaining way to pass the time in a vehicle!

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