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December 2021 Newsletter: Hardcover Holiday Giveaway! 🎁

'Welcome to a very special Christmas edition of my author newsletter, where I will go in-depth about my feelings on the holiday season…

Or not…

I love the holiday season, but getting all sappy and nostalgic isn’t on brand. I’m a crime fiction author who writes about shady people swearing, abusing substances, and engaging in criminal behavior, so I’m not sure that my book is Santa approved.

So if the fat man in red is reluctant to fill stockings with my book, it is up to me to give a few copies away! That's right, I'm giving away two hardcopy editions of Sandusky Burning!

This contest is only for my newsletter subscribers who follow my author page on the Goodreads site. Goodreads' mission is to allow members to explore the world of books, discuss literature with one another, make contact with authors and even share some of their own work with the other members of the community.

You must be able to receive shipments from these regional Amazon sites: US - UK - DE - FR - ES - IT.

Entering the contest is easy – just follow my author page on Goodreads by clicking the button below. If you already follow me, email me your name so we can match it up with your email address.

I will randomly draw two names and ship them a book, hopefully in time for Christmas! Winners must provide a shipping address and consent to have their names mentioned in a future newsletter. The contest will be open until midnight on December 12th, USA EST. I will notify the winners by email on December 13th.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you who honor me by reading my newsletter and buying my book!

I wish you all happiness and good health in 2022! My New Year’s resolution is to finish the sequel to Sandusky Burning...

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